RobGuillenRobert Guillen

Administrative Assistant, Public Affairs – 1.5 Years


  • B.A., Anthropology, Minor in Art History, University of California
  • Most recent job before joining APH was at the University of Louisville’s Ekstrom Library
  • Rob began work at APH in February 2013

Rob’s role in the Public Affairs office at American Printing House for the Blind is multi-faceted. He assists other members of the Public Affairs staff in their various areas including government relations, public relations, and in-house staff communications. Beyond these duties, a major portion of his time is spent communicating with both members of the public who visit and those who are too far away to visit, but need information from us.

APH offers free factory and museum tours to the public every day and Rob leads many of these. APH has been in Louisville since 1858, and is a national resource, so it is a travel destination for both the general public and for those who work in the field of blindness. Local, national, and international visitors are drawn here.

Rob has worked at APH for a little more than a year, yet he has become exceptionally knowledgeable about APH’s services to the nation and about the field of blindness. He guides tours, schedules tours and events and, answers questions put to us by the public about the field of blindness. If there is something he doesn’t know immediately, he will find out and follow up at a later time.

Rob’s first contact with guests is usually by phone. He gathers information from guests and schedules their tours. He gets enough information so that he and the other tour guides are able to focus on the interests and needs of a particular group. Rob gets to know our guests and customizes their experience at APH to fit their interests – from sitting on the floor with first graders, to describing every detail along the tour route to blind visitors to suggesting tips for nursing students who may encounter blind patients. His enthusiasm for presenting APH to visitors is impressive. Visitors often remark that their visit was inspirational.

Rob is a great ambassador. His positive attitude, wealth of knowledge, and ability to make each visitor feel special, ensure that they enjoy their time with us and know that their time was well spent.

Nominated by Roberta Williams

EricGurevichEric Gurevich

Community Outreach Director – 1 Year

Eric is a Louisville native and attending DuPont Manual High School. He is a graduate of Dennison University in Ohio. He joined Old 502 in 2013 and worked his way up the ‘ranks’ to be in the position he is in today. Eric began for us part-time working events and doing work in our wine cellar. After showing interest to do more with us, Eric began to handle our social media efforts. Eric was instantly successful with this task. His efforts on social media helped grow our brand tremendously. In early 2014 he gained additional responsibility by handling the coordination of all of our off-site events.

Eric is one of most accountable people I have ever worked with. I know if I give Eric a project he will complete with the utmost enthusiasm and promptness. He has outstanding customer service skills and I can trust him in any situation with a customer. His passion for what he does has made a real difference for our company.

Nominated by Chris Casconi

MelanieHornMelanie Horn

Patron Services Manager – 5 Years

As the Patron Services Manager, Melanie serves as the primary contact for the our large subscriber base, handles all Box Office related duties, and represents the Louisville Ballet at all performances. In her spare time, she enjoys helping out with the Ballet’s Special Events. In addition to her position with the Louisville Ballet, Melanie also serves on the Management Team for Abbey Road on the River and lends her customer service expertise to running their Box Office as well. Prior to joining the Louisville Ballet family, Melanie worked at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts for nine years in the Ticketing, Marketing, and Accounting departments.

I love the performing arts, interacting with the public, and being here every day. I’m where magic happens.

[from Facebook]

Melanie has gone above and beyond to serve the needs of the organization. She is professional and respectful with all levels of patrons and visitors and takes great pride in representing the Ballet in the community. She has reached out to take on extra duties to help promote and further the reach of the organization, including creating a street team, organizing volunteers for our fundraising events and working beyond “normal” hours to make sure the job is done. Her talents and skills reach beyond our box office and she has been instrumental in to helping others set up ticketing and staffing for events like Abbey Road, among others. Her dedicating to the organization deserves to be recognized outside our Company walls.

Nominated by Cara Hicks

mcmillanludwickMcMillan Ludwick

Quest Monitor/Zip Guide – 1 Years

McMillan graduated from Spencer County High School and was born in Taylorsville Kentucky and now lives in Louisville, KY.


I meet people from all walks of life from all parts of the world here, and not many people get to say they work in a cave.

My biggest goal in life? Explore. Learn as much as I can.

[from Facebook]

McMillan is outgoing and friendly to everyone he meets. He has the ability to make everyone he comes into contact with feel like family. He makes sure guests are having a great time and that they challenge themselves to have a wonderful experience.

McMillan makes sure when there is downtime between guests that he is helping and learning whatever he can, to become more qualified to be more useful to the Cavern. From digging ditches to hanging cable in the air, he is willing to do whatever is necessary and doesn’t mind getting dirty or working until three in the morning to get s project complete. You will never hear a negative word, McMillan is all about being positive and contributing to a positive work environment.

Nominated by Jacque Miller

KatieMegaCavernsKatie McGaha

Zip Guide – 3 Years

Katie’s hometown is Louisville Kentucky.

Katie is a trained Zip Guide, with a great personality. She goes beyond the realm to encourage, coach and keep her guests safe. Her bubbley personality immediately shines through, because the first thing you see is her smile and warmth, as if you have known her forever.

Katie is a hard worker, that never complains. Whatever you ask of her she does without question, Katie is a pleasure to have as an employee of the Louisville Mega Cavern.

Nominated by Jacque Miller

LisacitytastetoursLisa Stabe

“Everything Else” – 2 Years

If you had to sum up Lisa Stabe in a few words…. you’d have to say “hard working” and “loving”. Lisa has spent her whole life working hard at loving others. She raised two outstanding and beautiful daughters who love her immensely and strive to raise their kids as she did them. She spent 15 years healing those in pain in her successful career as a Massage Therapist and when physical issues slowed that career…she joined City Taste Tours and brought that work ethic of hard work and loving to us. That was a very happy day!

I always say that although I may own City Taste Tours, Lisa is everything else… and therefor, I made that her official title. Little did I know when I officially gave her that title how true it would become. Lisa started out being my assistant… and oh how I needed that! As the business grew though, she moved onto our crazy little tour bus and became the one in the back of the bus to take care of the tourists, serve the tastes and make sure they have everything they need along our 3-4 hours tour. With Lisa though, the caring for our guests didn’t end at the end of the tour. “Leslie, she just loved the Derby Pie TM… I just want to drop one off to her hotel for her to take home to her family.” “You forgot your camera? No problem, let me take pictures for you and I’ll email them to you this evening.”, “She spilled something on her white pants she’s supposed to wear for her conference tomorrow… I can just run them to the dry cleaners. It’s not a problem.” As the owner of City Taste Tours… I’m so glad she’s the face in the back of the bus. As a proud Louisville native, I’m so glad she is the face of Louisville. She does us proud!

Nominated by Leslie Burke

malenophotoCary Wiger

Actor & Server – 28 Years

Cary Wiger is originally from River Falls, Wisconsin, and now lives in New Albany, IN. He has been happily employed at Derby Dinner Playhouse since 1986 and has been in about 300 shows at DDP. Having waited tables for many years at Derby Dinner, Cary has gotten to know our audience on a much more personal and intimate level than most actors have the chance to. Because of that, he is one of our most valued employees and when our patrons see him around town they feel like they can come right up to him and talk.

We have many “regulars” that insist on having Cary as their waiter. Over the years Cary has developed an honest, genuine rapport with our guests. Some of our patrons even started their own Cary Wiger Fan Club! And some of our subscribers bring him gifts for his birthday and holidays. When you say to Cary, “I don’t know how you can still be waiting tables after all these years and still be so friendly and nice to the customers all the time,” he ALWAYS says the same thing: “I genuinely LIKE my customers. I REALLY do.” We at Derby Dinner are so lucky to have someone like him on staff that knows everything about our business, remembers our customers, and is just a great ambassador of our theatre. We’ve often referred to him as “The Voice of Derby Dinner Playhouse.”

Nominated by Cindy Nevitt

AngelaWrightcropAngela Wright

Operations Supervisor – 4 Years

When Angie started with Ah, Whatta ‘Bout Mimi, it was part time as she had a full time position as a teacher-assistant with JCPS. After a couple of years, I mentioned that I planned on hiring a new employee and she said she would like to start working with us full time as she loved working with the public.

I love to be creative, it’s fun to know you are here to help brighten someone’s day. You don’t have to worry about being sad at ‘Ah, What ‘Bout Mimi’s!’

[from Facebook]

Angie is the kindest person I have ever known. I can always count on her to go above and beyond with our customers. She also loves being like the Mom to everyone on our team – putting their needs before her own. Angie loves taking care of tourists and suggesting various must-sees while they are in Louisville. You will not find a more deserving person for this award.

Nominated by Martha McCoy