ACC 2014

imis2marriottFBIdir Aitha

Front Desk Supervisor – 5 Years

Idir has been with the Louisville Marriott Downtown for five years, initially as a front desk agent and for the last three years as a front desk supervisor. A native of Morocco, Idir has a passion for the hospitality industry driven by a passion for excellence. He has used his international experiences and his skills in 4 languages to connect with guests of diverse needs and backgrounds. His uncanny ability to make a personal connection with a single guest in the midst of a sea of hundreds checking in or out has allowed our convention guests the experience of a boutique hotel located in the second largest convention hotel in Louisville. This has resulted in numerous internal and external recognitions for Idir including associate of the year for the entire hotel.

Idir has multiple characteristics that embody our Brilliant Hosting service culture of being thoughtful, dynamic, and polished. Idir’s thoughtfulness for our guests can be seen on many different levels. Idir has a fantastic memory for our repeat guests. At a convention hotel that serves over 400 hundred thousand guests a year, Idir, can remember that frequent guest in the crowd of conventioneers and make them feel like the Louisville Marriott is an oasis just for that guest. Idir has a special knack for making our regulars feel appreciated and recognized by having that special room set aside for them or meeting them before they reach the desk and addressing them by name to show that we value their business. For a downtown property that serves as many as 800 hundred Platinum guests during the week (guests that stay more than 75 nights a year in Marriott) Idir has helped keep our staff service and check in scores best in class.

With Idir’s great name recognition he has created loyal guests that look for he personally for any assistance they might need. Idir leads our service approach by providing special touches for our guests. As an example we have a regular guest that asks for the weekend Wallstreet journal to be held for their arrival on Tuesday and Idir ensures that he pulls one paper each weekend and leaves it for our guest so he can catch up on the weekends articles. We have another guest that requires a fan in their room during their stay and they visit once a month and Idir ensures that fan is in the room prior to guests arrival so when the guests reaches his room the fan is already set and ready. While these touch examples seem of no major consequence… to a frequent traveler they are the types of gesture that keep them returning …frequent travelers see consistency and personal touches as a guaranty of resolution should a major need arise.

Idir also responds to cues and reads needs and opportunities of new or occasional guests. As an example when he identifies a quest celebrating a birthday he will send up a cake with a candle and a birthday card signed by the staff or an anniversary card & wine for a couple that he uncovers are in town to celebrate their anniversary.

Idir has been our lead trainer during his tenure so each new associate will spend time with Idir at some point to gauge their progress and also help solidify the early training they might have received. Idir can be counted on to pass along some great tips and tricks when dealing with the computer system or having to navigate the difficult situation of handling a guest issue. Idir helps instill our

service philosophy to our new hosts and demonstrates our methodology of handling the customers issue on the first request and the ownership process. “The person who identifies the problem owns the problem and is responcible for full resolution prior to our guests departure” is a cread that Idir lives by. Recently, Idir had a platinum premier guest ask for directions from Louisville to Washington DC without utilizing toll roads and wanted the directions written and not on a printout from a computer. Idir took the time to research the route and transcribe the details from a computer to paper and followed the route completely to make sure no tolls would be encountered during her trip. This is just one example of his above and beyond approach to our service culture.

Recently Idir has expanded his role to include back of the house supervisory duties to assist in supervising our housekeeping department. Idir leaped into this new opportunity and excelled at being multi dimensional is his role. Having an associate who speaks several languages at a leadership level is a true asset and his ability to lead our team continues to grow.

Idir Aitha has helped instill the art of hosting at the Lousville Marriott Downtown and creates memorable service moments each and every day.

Nominated by Michael Howerton

Franbutz1 (1)Fran Butz

Breakfast Host – 16 Years

Fran’s day starts much earlier than most of us would ever want to wake up. She’s at the hotel preparing breakfast and making sure the guests morning is off to a good start. She has been a Breakfast Host for 26 years in Louisville. She has spent the last 16 of those at the Hampton Inn Louisville North. Fran was there when the hotel first opened its doors and has been wowing guests ever since. Guests come from all around to see Fran. Some for 20 years. They are always disappointed if they miss her and usually leave a letter at the front desk letter her know that they were sorry they missed her and would be back very soon to see her. She gives a level of service like no other – of course that’s why she has been recognized on several levels and was even flown out to a Hilton convention and taken up on stage in front of a “huge crowd.” A true lady never reveals her age but between you and me, Fran could have retired years ago. She doesn’t because she truly loves the guests. Fran would love to write a book one day called “Breakfast with Fran” about all the great people and fun stories she has heard over the years. She also wants to open her own Hampton Inn one day…. but she doesn’t know when she is going to find all the time to do that.

I love to fix breakfast, and have a lot of fun. A lot of guests will call to see if I’m still working. I got to be known as ‘Mom’ from frequent travelers. One time a gentleman said, ‘See ya, Mom!’ after he finished breakfast and was walking out of the hotel. It just makes me feel so special.

[from Facebook]

Fran is deserving of this award because I have never know someone who is able to connect with guests like she does. She made such an impact on some farm show guests that they came back the next year and brought her a birthday cake with a John Deere on it to help her celebrate. She has several guests that have been coming to see her for years. Some even call her grandma or mom. They’ll ask before they make their reservations if she is still at the hotel serving breakfast. People truly do visit the hotel just because of her. Another thing, she is always good for a story – asker her about the days of “Fearless Fran” her CB Handle or about the Hampton Inn she wants to own one day.

Nominated by Aaron Baer

courtneykiefer (1)Courtney Kiefer

Wedding Coordinator – 2 Years

Courtney is the wedding coordinator of the Galt House who is very much respected of her hard work and passion she puts in everyday by not only her co-workers, but even more her clients.

Courtney should win the rose award because she is not only great in our hospitality business, but also for our great city. Courtney is always busy meeting with excited bride and grooms cause she referred by couples who have had a wedding from her service. Not only does she plan their wedding, but also will design their cake as desired as she is very artistic. Courtney is very valuable to our city not only by selling a whole lot of rooms in the hotel every week, but it also helps our local restaurants and retailers as people always attend weddings from not only nationwide, but worldwide. Courtney is such a vibrant woman who could light up a room with her personality, and her strive in being the best. Its not a job to her, as it truley is making others happy.

Nominated by Josh Yates

danielmurphy (1)Daniel Murphy

Guest Services Representative – 2 Years

Daniel moved here from the poverty stricken Virginia mountains with is beloved partner. He worked hard, saved money so that he and his partner finally made a home for themselves. Then they helped his mother, father and brother move up here to safety. Daniel has always had the gift of gab and anyone he meets is quickly a friend. Daniel loves his new town and considers it home he can tell you the best place to it fun things to do nice place for a walk. He is great at what he does because he loves the town and he loves people.

I’ve been in the industry for 13 years. Hospitality and this hotel…it’s my passion, it’s my everything.

…so last year, this elderly couple came in late one night from North Carolina, and they had driven through four states to get here but it was during FFA…every single room in the region was sold out. I have this list I created of the all the hotels to contact if our hotel is booked. I told them I would make sure have a safe place to sleep, grabbed them some coffee and started calling away, finally found them a room 45 minutes away from here. They didn’t have a credit card so I held the room with my personal credit card and got them on their way!

[from Facebook]

Daniel has won many awards at his hotel for great service he is known fondly by the hotels regular guest and staff as Mr. Fabulous. The moment you begin talking to Daniel you have made a friend not because it is his job or he is faking it but because he truly loves and cares about everyone and wants them not only to be happy in his town but happy at his hotel. If his hotel is sold out he doesn’t leave the travelers out in the cold or madly trying to find a room instead he offers them some coffee tells them to have a seat in the lobby he will find and hold a place for them and then give them the information. It is this determination that every guest deserves to be treated like family and it is not just the hotels name on the line but the town he loves.

Nominated by William H. Sanderfer

TimShivelycropTim Shively

Maintenance Engineer – 16 Years

Tim Shively is a native Kentuckian and has been the Chief Engineer at the Hampton Inn Louisville Airport for more than 16 years. With a background as an electrician as well as maintenance, he is truly a jack of all trades. During his spare time, Tim is very involved with his church and is always helping others.

Tim has been the Maintenance Engineer at Hampton Inn Louisville Airport for over 16 years. He not only does a terrific job performing his daily maintenance duties as well excellent quality assurance scores, but he is the perfect example of hospitality. Not often do you hear repeat guests come back to your hotel on an annual basis and ask how your maintenance engineer is doing, but it is a regular occurrence at the Hampton Inn Louisville Airport.

Tim does a great job staying ahead of his regular duties. He also takes time to deliver whole hearted hospitality to all of our guests. He is a terrific ambassador for the Hampton Inn as well as the city of Louisville. Tim remembers our guests by name and keeps up with many of them on a personal level. It is impressive when a guest comes up to him and gives him a hug!

Nominated by Mark Kuiper

micahcropMicah Teague

Guest Services – 3 Years

After working for several years in retail, Micah began his career in hospitality with the Sheraton. He has worked most of the front service positions, and is currently working in the housekeeping department as an inspector. His service earned him the Employee of the Year award for his unit, and he has proved invaluable in every position that he has taken on.

I don’t mean to steal from the Army…but be all you can be. I want to live up to my potential.

[from Facebook]

Micah consistently delivers superlative customer service, and impacts any department that he supports or leads. By setting realistic expectations and exceeding them as an example for others to follow, he truly makes our guest’s experience a memorable one.

Nominated by Ross Fogle

manuelManuel Urquilla Jr.

Bell/Valet – 2 Years

Manny is exactly the kind of employee you want and bright part of the downtown community. He is the best first impression for any business. Manny goes above and beyond for each and every guest and non-guest that walks in the door. Manny is engaging and his energy is infectious. From city bus drivers and cab drivers to daily walkers and weekend visitors, they ALL come to know Manny and give high fives and waves as they pass him. Manny is consistently cheerful and at the ready to lend a hand either to a complete stranger or to a coworker at 21c. His willingness knows no bounds; Manny is a shining example of a true “friendly neighbor”.

Nominated by 21c Staff

TroyWadeTroy Wade

Valet/Bell Attendant – 1 Years

Troy has a degree from Sullivan College in Computer Graphic Design. Troy worked with Caesars/Horseshoe Southern Indiana for three years and then was with Kroger before coming to work at Hyatt Regency Louisville in July 2013.

Troy Wade is deserving of a ROSE Award because his genuine smile and enthusiastic service makes visitors feel welcome in the city of Louisville. Troy has been a member of the Hyatt Regency Louisville Guest Services team for just over a year. In that relatively short period of time, Troy has had a profound impact on the associates, guests, and locals who frequent the hotel.

Troy exemplifies Hyatt’s mission of providing authentic hospitality. He is very skilled at creating an emotional connection when interacting with guests. Troy has a very genuine and welcoming demeanor. As a Valet Parking Attendant, Troy makes guests comfortable navigating the city of Louisville with his friendly smile and simple directions. He offers visitors recommendations for local restaurants and attractions with enthusiasm. He has assisted guests when their vehicle batteries fail or if they need help with a flat tire.

Troy’s exemplary customer service skills have a positive influence on the guest services staff and they look to him as a leader in the department. He has been heavily involved in the training and success of several recent hires on the guest services team. He is always willing to work extra hours and always thinks about his co-workers first. The front office team knows they can depend on Troy anytime they need assistance.

Guests remember Troy for his big smile and helpful service. Troy is a great ambassador for Hyatt and the city of Louisville because he keeps travelers loyal and wanting to return to the city.

Nominated by Emily Curtsinger

CarolynWilliamsCarolyn Williams

Concierge – 2 Years

A rose is a special gift showing love and affection for someone. Our nominee, Carolyn Williams, has given her love like the Rose to the visitors of Louisville for over 14 years. Her second career started after retiring from General Electric with dedicated service for 30 years. Her dedication is only transcended by her ability to love and take care of people. Her career started at the Holiday Inn Hurstborne. She was hired for a position never used there before. Her attitude and friendliness made this job like taking care of her family. I refer to family because that is how her guests describe the experience with her. She makes everyone happy to walk through the door.

Carolyn immediately fell in love with what she was doing. She tried to become the best at it! She started going to the Concierge meetings and becoming better educated about what she needed to provide for her guests! She went to restaurants to find out their offerings and specialties and to the attractions to figure out why her guests would want to attend. Her satisfaction comes from being able to provide our guests with an exceptional experience. At the Marriott Louisville East we constantly have feedback from our guests on everything in the hotel. We take pride in how well we take care of our guests which shows by our #1 ranking out of 357 Marriott’s in the Americas. Carolyn’s name is constantly echoed in the comments as the example for all other hotels employees to live up to! A guest once commented, she amazes me the way she remembers everyone’s names but not just that she also remembers the last conversation they had or their favorite drink or food. Upon hiring Carolyn we not only hired a great associate but also received many of her family members. They sought her out to make their lives richer upon coming back to Louisville. They wanted the warm heart and friendliness to be included with their stay that only she provides.

Like the many pedals of the Rose so are the many sides of Carolyn Williams. She is so dedicated to our guests she makes sure they are taken care of when they come to see her but she also takes care of them outside the hotel sending cards for birthday and notes for their contribution to being part of her family. She has made sure folks health issues are addressed by checking on them and making sure they receive the necessary help they need. Her guests show their affection and gratitude and make her feel like what she is doing is making a difference. Carolyn considers what she does as a privilege to be able to take care of people and make them feel at home when they aren’t. Carolyn is truly a beautiful rose and many people see the beauty of her soul! Her contributions have lead to so many visitors leaving the Louisville Marriott East and Louisville area with a perception of the greatest hospitality and Southern charm.

Nominated by Brian Sur