Oussama Nouaimr

Yellow Cab


Sam was born and raised in Morocco before moving to the United States and in particular, Kentucky, looking to live the American dream in 2000. Sam met and married Mrs Louvna Nouaimr in Louisville, Kentucky and have three children 14, 6 and 4. Sam is a naturalized citizen and has attended 3 years at JCTC. Sam talks to his parents regularly and has been working tirelessly with Yellow Cab for the past twelve years. We are extremely proud of Sam Nouaimr and the 12 years of customer service he has provided to all the citizens of Louisville but in particular, the disabled community while working at Yellow Cab of Louisville. Sam wakes up early and finishes late to ensure that his passengers are taken care of and on time for their daily appointments. Sam serves over 20 passengers a day. Sam was also recently presented with an award by the Metro Disability Coalition President for his Merit and Outstanding Service. Sam exemplifies the epitome of what a cab driver should look and act like. He is a very respectful young family man that cares about the needs of the community. Sam keeps his cab immaculate, is neatly dressed and never has anything negative to say. Sam always has a way to brighten up the spirits of his customers. Sam’s infectious smile and kindness is an example for others to follow in making a difference in our community every day.

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Linda Samuels



Linda has not only exemplified professionalism and compassion in her role as a coach operator for TARC but also through her interactions with those who are less fortunate. Her organization “Mouths of Blessings” not only provides hot meals for the homeless, but also hosts annual back-to-schools drives, Easter egg hunts, and cook-outs. She notes how an annual Thanksgiving dinner her organization hosts is one of the more popular events and open to the public, “we turn nobody away” stated Ms. Samuels . Her passion for empowering those around her make Linda an excellent candidate for the ROSE award because of her work on and off the job, “my upbringing has laid the foundation for me… it’s just not in me to sit still”, she states, “and I definitely have my parents to thank for that!” From 2012 to 2016, Linda considered her organization as simply a ‘hat social’ as a means to empower women while members also took part in various activities from performing arts, themed food nights, line dancing & networking, but has grown into much more than that today. “I just feel we need to help one another verses tearing each other down”.

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Carrie Pruett

R&R Limousine


Carrie’s work deals with the most challenging, time-consuming and hair-pulling aspect of our business– weddings and motorcoaches. While these may seem unrelated, the one thing they have in common is the need for precision and, usually, patience to deal with endless minute changes. Carrie handles all of these duties with a smile, and treats her customers like they were her best friends in the world! On the wedding side, she’s tasked with taking the bride’s wishes, usually translated through a wedding planner, and transforming those into a flawless experience on the biggest day of the couple’s life. Her local knowledge of Louisville comes in especially handy for out of town planners or brides, who have no idea whether to expect traffic, how easy it is to park, or how many other black cars may be waiting outside the Galt House on a given Saturday afternoon. Carrie helps these customers navigate through their very tight schedules and very high expectations to allow the transportation to do what it ought to– blend in seamlessly with the day’s events and not even need a second thought! On the motorcoach side, the meticulousness goes into overdrive. A large part of this is corporate shuttles, so a very exact calculation is needed to determine how many shuttles, how often to depart, and how to communicate this all to passengers who may be in town for the very first time. While she’s still our employee, she’s got the client’s best interest at heart, and works as passionately for their interests as if they were ours. Many times I’ve seen her suggest lower-cost alternatives than the client proposed, and even suggest other companies who can do a better job of a specific task than we could. The rapport Carrie builds with all of her clients is an asset to our company and our community. As Louisville positions itself to become a true hospitality city, it will be folks like Carrie who wow these newcomers and make them want to keep coming back to enjoy another wonderful Kentucky day!

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Don Kennedy

Mint Julep


When you look under Webster dictionary for the definition of “nice guy” it states: a man who treats people kindly. That is Don. He cares for all the people that come into his life with kindness and a positive, thoughtful attitude. In his role with Mint Julep he offers to help with anything that needs to be done. Driving safely, caring for our guests, making recommendations of things to do while they are visiting our city, helping with vehicles, supplies, garage improvements and supporting our crazy sales requests. There isn’t anything that Don wouldn’t do to help us meet the needs of others. However, it is in his love and care for his family that we feel the most compelled to nominate Don. When it comes to improving the social conversation within Louisville, we could all learn some lessons from Don.

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Deondria Seargent

Riverside Parking


Deondria is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She always have a smile on her face. She speaks to every one of her customers. I met her year a go at the Ali center she was the parking attendant. She always helping give directions to people in need. She like a tour guide of downtown Louisville. Recommending restaurants and local attraction for vistors to go visit while in Louisville. She never to busy to lend a hand. If she in break walking down the street she will stop to help you on your way. We need more people like her in the world. She worked at many location in downtown Louisville area like Ali center, Galt House, Kentucky center, Downtown YMCA, Actors theater and LG&E just to name a few.

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Harold Purkhiser

Hilton Garden Inn Louisville Airport


Harold was born in June 1934 in Campbellsburg Indiana, raised on a dairy farm with his parents he is no stranger to hard work. After graduating high school he got his first job as a car salesman with Brown Brothers Cadillac, moved from there to Bluegrass Lincoln Mercury and retired after 46 years! He and Nel have been married now for 18 years since the passing of his first wife, they love bluegrass music and going on mini-vacations, spending time with his family is top priority to him.   He still mows his own yard weekly even though it may take him a couple of days to get it finished, but it is something that keeps his step lively!! Harold is a dedicated and reliable employee, always wanting to go the extra mile for any guest or employee. Harold always wears a smile and has a way to brighten up any day with his jokes & contagious smile! Since his retirement Harold started his hospitality career with Mussleman Hotels and has been the perfect addition to our hotel!! No matter what we throw his way he always has that smile on his face and willing to the going the extra mile.

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