Alisa Jackson

Hyatt Regency Louisville

Alisa is the epitome of care and genuine hospitality. Alisa has more than 12 years’ experience at Hyatt Regency Louisville. Alisa has a warm, enthusiastic, and genuine presence every day and never fails to go the extra mile for both new and returning guests. She takes the time to learn about guests’ families, personal lives and careers, and remembers the details even years later. Her familiar face and upbeat personality keeps our guests coming back, looking specifically for her. Alisa is not only an ambassador for our hotel, but for our city. She eagerly shares with guests all that she knows and loves about Louisville, so they can experience the culture and hospitality our city is known for.

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Jany Roberts

Hilton Garden Inn Louisville Airport

Jany started with Musselman Hotels in 2009 and has been with us ever since. She is truly the backbone to our Food and Beverage Department at the HGI Louisville Airport, with her contagious smile and love for our guests and making sure that their food is always correct. She takes pride in her job and is always going above and beyond her daily duties. She with our Bar on selected evenings making sure to engage with all the guests to ensure that they have had a good dinner and that they are doing well, enjoying their stay. Jany makes our events a huge success, always making sure that everyone has exactly what they need or would desire.

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Bill Garrett

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

Bill has worked in hospitality for the past 15 years and is the epitome of what hospitality is all about. Bill’s charitable character delivers an excellent experience to every traveler that he encounters at our hotel. He is kind, compassionate and genuine, and our guests recognize that in him. He has a rare yet natural ability to be of service to any individual he meets and always puts his best foot forward. Bill is an extremely humble person and doesn’t truly acknowledge how much he brightens the day for others. When you ask Bill what motivates him to help others he simply answers “Because you never know what that person is dealing with”.

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Jiah Lock

Sheraton Louisville Riverside

Jiah has immensely impacted our team and our guests while growing his knowledge of the hospitality industry. His positive outlook, friendly demeanor and thorough involvement are what makes him an invaluable asset to our hotel family. If a department is ever in need, Jiah is eager to step in to help his team and get the job done as efficiently, but meticulously as possible. He exemplifies being a team player and personifies hospitality. He is extremely reliable and always volunteers for open shifts when they present themselves. His diligence, hard work and ability to provide memorable experiences for our guests are what makes Jiah stand out as a star employee.

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Evonda Hampton

Embassy Suites

Evonda started at the Embassy Suites us as a shy breakfast server and has truly blossomed into hands down the guest’s most popular staff member. After a few weeks with the company she finally started to open up and it was clear that she just had the “it factor” that guests gravitated to and love. After some time Evonda expressed interest in learning bar tending. After training at work, self-studying by reading several bar tending books, and practicing at home it was clear that Evonda was ready. She soon became the crowd pleasing favorite. Our guests love her! We are very fortunate to have Evonda and she truly is the epitome of service excellence.

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Rosa Torres

Galt House


Rosa joined the Galt House Hotel family in 2013 and is a hard-working and an honest employee who takes her work very seriously. Her perseverance is amazing and her passion for hospitality and guest service is contagious, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond for our guests. Moreover, she is a source of inspiration for other employees who want to get the best out of their job duties, many of our associates look to Rosa for guidance. On many occasion, she has worked over-time (without any complaints), she never leaves until she is satisfied with her work.

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