Dining 2014

JayBellucciJay Bellucci

Cook – 1 Years

Before working at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, Jay led a rough life that consisted of drug abuse and the like. When coming in to apply to work in his first hospitality role, however, management only noticed one thing, his great attitude towards other staff members and guests. In his one year in hospitality at Louisville’s only authentic Italian restaurant, Jay is always on time, never says “no,” and is consistently learning ways to better himself as a server to his guests, a co worker to his fellow staff members and an employee for both Jonathan, the general manger, and Vincenzo, the owner.

I had just completed my time at The Healing Place and wanted to work here. I had no experience, and got turned down, but I persisted and finally they relented and started me as a busser and I’ve worked my way up to a cook after a year. They gave me every opportunity I could ask for…they gave me a chance.

[from Facebook]

In his one year in hospitality at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, Jay is always on time, never says “no,” and is consistently learning ways to better himself as a server to his guests, a co worker to his fellow staff members and an employee for both Jonathan, the general manger, and Vincenzo, the owner. By taking all of these qualities and rolling them in to one person you get not only a server with a great attitude but a great provider of hospitality.

Nominated by Samantha Yeargin

feliciaFelicia Corbett

Bartender – 5 Years

Felicia has studied theater for many years and was a member of Second City in Chicago before returning back to Louisville. She continues to be involved in acting, teaching a summer course each year for young kids interested in the arts. She will be returning to her role as Shelley in the upcoming musical “Evil Dead the Musical” this fall.

Felicia has been a standout employee from the day she was hired and well liked by all of our guests and employees. She is frequently seen doing guest spots on local news and radio to help promote the restaurant. Last year Felicia was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. She worked through all the hard times always with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Shortly afterwards her mother went through breast cancer as well and Felicia was by her side the whole time. They are both cancer free now!

Felicia in my opinion deserves this more than anyone after all she has been through.

Nominated by David Allen

mikedownsMike Downs

Bartender – 3 Years

Mike Downs started his restaurant career over thirty years ago in the back of the house washing dishes. He moved his way up to line cook and eventually entering the front of the house where he began his career as a bartender.

He was the day-time bar manager of Jack Fry’s for ten years, the bar manager at Alameda, and the MAN at the Barrett Bar for eleven years. He currently works at Bourbons Bistro and Pauly’s in Germantown.

Mike Downs is Louisville. He knows everyone, knows what they like, knows their family, the list goes on and on. His infectious laugh and sense of humor are now a mainstay at Bourbons. If he is not here, everyone wants to know when he is coming back!

He is always willing to help out, in the front of the house or the back of the house. Mike Downs is LOUISVILLE!

Nominated by Anne Harlow

kathybucksFBKathi Irby

Server – 18 Years


  • 60yrs old and 4ft 5 inches Tall and weighs 90 lbs
  • Married to John Irby
  • 2 children: Johnny and Kelly
  • Johnny is 24 and just got engaged
  • Kelly is 14 and is a Down syndrome child
  • Has worked at Buck’s for 18 years
  • Has worked in the service industry for 40 years
  • She has Crohn’s Disease and has had open heart surgery to replace a bad valve in her heart.
  • She has an elderly mother that she also helps take care of.

Kathi has been with Buck’s Restaurant for 18 years, and in that time she has had to battle Crohn’s disease. She was blessed with a Down syndrome child named Kelly who is the love of her life. She had to have open heart surgery to replace a valve in her heart with a titanium valve and is now on Coumadin for the rest of her life, and she has no fear in cutting bread, because when you are on Coumadin you are at risk of bleeding out. She also helps takes care of her elderly mother.

If you were ever to meet Kathi you would never know anything was wrong. She is the most upbeat never complains always on time, never calls in sick and she will run circles around everyone. She has the best work ethics even though something might be wrong either at home or with her health you would never know, because she doesn’t complain about any of it. She has call tables that only want her to wait on them because she is all about the customer and making sure their needs are taken care of. She is very loyal and takes the time to insure all new employees are trained, which helps me out with training she has the patience of a saint.

Kathi is an employee that every Owner, Manger wishes they could have on their team because her attitude is always upbeat. We are truly Blessed that Kathi is a part of our family here at Buck’s. Kathi is what the Rose Awards are all about, that one employee that no matter what is going on in their life they show up and consistently out performs all others with the attitude I’m here for you and my guests. We Love Kathi!! I truly want to clone her.

Nominated by Lisa Imrie

AlyshiaMuddcropAlyshia Mudd

Hostess – 3 Years

A Sacred Heart graduate, international traveler, and fashionista who joined us in 2011.

I try to be approachable, observant and care…I make the experience all about the guest.

[from Facebook]

We are happy to have her take reservations and be the first to greet guests because of her professional telephone voice and a well groomed appearance. She is consistent and provides a sense of certainty to visitors. She is youthful and brings vitality, yet acts maturely with her attention to detail.

While these are great traits, it is her desire to serve others with gracefulness that shines. She will go out of her way, veer from her job description, of hostess, to assist with almost any request a guest would make. She cares.

Nominated by Jackie Tronzo